A step back.

A step back.

Sometimes life throws a spanner in the works, and two weeks ago that’s exactly what happened.

For reasons still unknown to me, my lower spine has an inflammation and the swelling is sitting on my nerves which is making most of my lower body numb!

I thought I’d done something at the gym (yes I actually joined a gym, that’s how far I was willing to go to become HEALTHIER this year), but when nothing got better, and it started affecting my ability to walk, I went to A&E.

I spent a whole week in hospital! After numerous tests including MRI’s and a lumber puncture (a procedure I NEVER want to experience again!), I am now recovering at home. I have been signed off work for THREE weeks and having physio to strengthen my legs (which hurt after minimal movement) and learn to walk normally again.

This was the year I decided to embrace the second half of my twenties, get stuck into new experiences, focus on my career, health, relationships. It’s amazing how something out of your hands can shake things up!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – I’m extremely lucky. I don’t have a life threatening illness, I only had to spend one week in hospital while patients on my ward were visiting for their regular treatment, and I should make a full recovery – but the whole thing has really scared me. Something was going on inside my body without any cause of my own and I wouldn’t have known about it without going to hospital. Now I can’t stop thinking about my friends and family – what’s going on inside their bodies?

I’m also still in a period of unknowing, as at this stage they don’t know if this could happen again. And if tests suggest it could, I could have MS.

I’m going to try and take the time out as a gift, try and stop freaking out and reflect on the future. Hey I’ll have more time to update this! And do things like read! But I am worried anxiety is going to steal focus…watch this space.




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