5 months…

5 months…

It’s been 5 months. Where has the time gone? Where has my blog gone…?

I started this blog at the beginning of the year with real promise, blinked and it was June. I partly blame my slow laptop which takes about an hour to turn on so I often don’t…and partly blame my work and social life which has been busier than ever recently.

I shall sum up some of the note worthy things that have happened in the last 5 months in bullet points –

  • I GOT A PROMOTION! At the beginning of the year my hope was to speak up at work and find out how I’d go about moving up in the company. Luckily, a position arose and I felt the wise thing to do would be to put myself out there, go for it. Was easier said than done…I soon realised it wasn’t a case of interviewing once more. I had to resubmit my CV then create a 20 minute presentation to present back in a weeks time to two colleagues. I was terrified. Five internal candidates, a few of which were close friends at work…I felt a mixture of emotions. To cut a long story short – I was offered a position as Account Manager! This is the year of doing scary things and even if they don’t work out – I’ve tried. This is an example of it paying off!
  • I saw Brian Wilson perform Pet Sounds at the London Palladium for the final time with my parents. Al Jardine joined him and it was a truly special night. He’s playing only once more in the UK in September at a Brighton festival, trying to persuade my better half to come with…
  • Visited the beautiful city of Sorrento for five days for a romantic getaway. The longest holiday we’ve had together as a couple in nearly seven years! It was perfect in every way. We stayed at Best Western, Hotel La Solara which had ocean views from our room. I’ve left a very complimentary trip advisor review here – it would definitely work as a honeymoon destination!

    There have been plenty of other significant moments which have torn me away from updating this blog but I will no longer let them get in the way! This is something I plan to fully commit to from now on.

    We shall see…


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